Why We Should Allow Brock Turner to Speak on Campus

Written by Dark Blue.

Recently, Brock Turner (aka The Stanford Rapist) expressed his wish to lecture college students against “drinking and promiscuity.”  To some this is outrageous.  To others, this is comedic gold.  And to people like Brock Turner, they are probably confused why there is even outrage to begin with: 


While nobody should tell you how to feel about this, we must allow Brock Turner to speak on campus… in a debate instead of a lecture.

This is the perfect time to question his beliefs which we know too many people share. Why does he think drinking is bad? Is it because it’ll lead to a 3 month life sentence and the end of his athletic career? Is it because he thinks sexual assault is typical behavior for any dude who gets drunk? Is it because he thinks that’s how a typical dude should respond when they see a girl who is so drunk she can’t even move? If alcohol alone was what led to it, don’t you think college nightlife would look like a zombie apocalypse movie except with a lot of extra male genitalia hanging out?

No pun intended, but what does he have to offer when it comes to promiscuity? There are so many questions we would want to ask people like him. Whose responsibility is it to keep their genitalia in their pants? The person who’s awake or the person who is unconscious?  He claims that he lost control of himself due to alcohol. By his logic, sexual assault is typical male behavior when he’s intoxicated. So if his victim was not drunk that night, wouldn’t he have simply sexually assaulted another female instead and end up with the same sentence?

Of course his answers will be nonsensical and ridiculous.  That’s the point.

For the sake of women who are put in danger by people like Brock Turner every day, the lack of compassion and reasoning behind those beliefs must be exposed to the entire world.  

Any person who knows what they’re doing will make it very clear that his beliefs are incompatible with the notion that women are actually people.

By believing it’s a good idea to focus on “drinking “ and “promiscuity” after his crimes, it’s clear that Brock Turner has not learned his lesson.  Three months in prison was not enough for him to realize that it was his primitive ideas and beliefs about how men should treat women, rather than the influence of alcohol which led to his actions.

Furthermore, there are many others, including his own father and those in power in Steubenville, who have not come to this realization.  These same people mistakenly view their backwards beliefs as “politically incorrect” rather than morally reprehensible ideas that lead people to commit and condone heinous crimes including sexual assault.  They foolishly see themselves as “victims” of censorship and political correctness.  

Only by allowing people like Brock Turner to speak and having somebody who knows what they are talking about to destroy his ideas publicly will people like him realize that blaming the rape victim instead of the rapist is not just “politically incorrect” or “sexist”, but a barbaric and immoral practice that has no place in the 21st century.  


About Author: Dark Blue believes that social justice culture is in dire need of reform in its methods for promoting cultural tolerance, diversity, multiculturalism and combating oppression. The objective of the articles is to explain the rationale of making social justice an outcome-based moral and ethical ideology which unites all people rather than a political one.

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