What Makes a Person Lose Their Faith?

Written by Veronica Felipe.

As a practicing Catholic, there are sneaking suggestions that life does not make faith, but time does. When a person ages and begin to feel their numbers in age dwindle then it is time to be faithful, not wanting a bitter afterlife, but rather a soft transition. There are costly measures about growing older, such as paying for life insurance policies or handling a will. Otherwise the whole practice of preparing for death will be lonesome and maybe even be burdensome to their spouses or family.

To think of the million dollar business that operate as lone wolf salesman looking for a buck – each elderly person sees the church as a lift up rather than a letdown. While the youngest of perisher’s will feistily remembers their first communion and messages from their parents that God is everywhere, faith is everywhere also.

As mentioned in countless masses on televisions and radios, the duty of being faithful is to lay your love for religion and to take the fall for any human being in trouble or in other words help your fellow man. There are relevant mistakes which people would explain as inexcusable but faith is something that is hidden within and does not go away. No matter how people escape their troubles, the chase or ignition for a miracle can be grossly materialized.

Miracles rely on faith and faith alone and faith replaces worthiness. Many people look for a lost prophet to help them escape by using religious deities and people who speak in religious tongues. When a person loses faith, they can feel unworthy and think the whole universe is lost on their side. Many seek drugs or alcohol to replace that feeling of unworthiness and some turn to suicide to help them seek out eternal peace. It is a shaken experience, tending to those who are close to the end.

Out there in the cold, people will gather their wits around them and arrest their last hopes for change. The unspoken rule is to admit sin and dim the mistakes. Dim the last questioning reason, why still living? If it isn’t enough to begin again as Jesus done, we can necessarily filter hope and yes faith.

In my household, the image of a cross is hung in every direction. There is one on a mantle, another on a family room wall and even basement. It is somehow our beacon for hope. Being an adult child at home, I realize that when we are led through prayer before eating it is like a right rather than a mandatory circumstance. My whole family is religious and still believing that with lots of faith could hit the lotto. As my mother would say winning doesn’t take faith but luck. This is where some people misuse faith. The whole stage of life is to live, pray and die. Without faith, the whole cycle of existence would suffer. The pancake effect in a person’s life which includes problems upon problems can trigger a loss of faith but without pain there will be nothing left. God made us for a reason and faith belongs to everyone.


About the Author: Veronica Felipe is from Southern California. She was brought up in both Riverside and Orange counties. She studies music, photography and art and proudly has a Bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in English Language and English Literature. Also participated as a virtual intern and volunteer. The ultimate goal? To be able to help those less fortunate.