Warrior’s Anthem 2018

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot with stand the storm,” and the warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.” – unknown

This poem is dedicated to my warriors across the globe – the mothers, the fathers, the educators, the children, the lovers, the resilient – those who continue to push forward, despite all odds.


Warrior’s Anthem, 2018

March forward, warrior

ready your sword, your honor

in sweat and blood, your valor

heaven or hell, raise your banner.

Razed earth, towering behemoths,

even then, the journey isn’t over;

you’ve traveled far and endured,

losses and tribulations,

been struck down and defeated,

depressed, tested, and contested.

Cowardice and valiance,

loyalty and duplicity,

dishonor and rectitude,

forge your path in fortitude.

On your feet, warrior.

Rise, rise, do not fall demise

to the demons of the night.

Trust, you force of might,

that you can, that you will,

that you must, take flight.

Rise, rise, warrior.

Onward, forward. For death awaits

all men, but should you choose

to fight, you must walk in the light.