Killing the Strawmen in Trump’s “P***y Grabbing”

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Written by Dark Blue.

By now many are at a loss as to how Donald Trump still has people who “defend” his heinous actions.  For those who live under a rock, here’s a refresher.

To be fair, nobody’s actually able to “defend” him unless you count running away from the problem, which is something even Trump himself is doing.  If you’re not sure if running is the best analogy, just listen to his response to the debate when called out on it.  He changed topics repeatedly to talk about issues that occur halfway across the world.  As always, there will be people who will attempt to derail the issue to waste our time.  So to spare you from the unnecessary annoyances, I encourage you all to just copy and paste something from this article next time you face one of these rebuttals.

This is just locker room talk.

Locker room talk isn’t the most polite thing in the world but the recordings are anything but typical locker room talk.  I’m pretty certain that the belief that – it is socially acceptable to grab a random woman’s vagina if you’re famous – isn’t a common one.  Yet based on how they’re talking, Donald Trump clearly isn’t joking.  His dismissal that it’s just “locker room talk” implies that he believes this is merely what normal men actually think behind closed doors, when they’re really his own beliefs.  It’s also consistent with all the times he has been accused of sexual assault and the fact that he had a hard time just saying “no” when Anderson Cooper asked him about those accusations.

To dismiss what Trump says as just “sexist” or “politically incorrect” is to miss the point. He’s perpetuating beliefs that are completely incompatible with the notion that women are actual people.

All Trump does is say offensive things.

The idea that what comes out of Trump’s mouth is the worst thing about him is a myth that simply won’t die.  But let’s just talk about how bad the things he says are alone.

Saying that it is okay to grab somebody’s vagina because you are famous is not something he even said for laughs, he was caught saying something he has always believed in.  Of all the things we have heard him say, do and have been accused of, this isn’t remotely out of character for him.  It’s a belief that should make anybody who is female and/or has female relatives, significant others or friends uncomfortable.

Imagine if somebody famous grabbed your mother’s vagina, or your sister’s vagina, or your girlfriend’s vagina out of nowhere (e.g., they didn’t consent to it and complained to you) and then you complained to me about it.  Instead of telling you that it’s wrong, imagine that I – as somebody who buys Trump’s bullshit (there’s plenty of people that do) – tells you, “It’s okay, at least he’s famous, so I’m sure she kind of enjoyed it.”  You think that’s bad, imagine if they filed the legal complaint and the judge believed the same thing.  The sad part is, I shouldn’t have to use somebody you’re associated with as an example for you to realize that something is horribly wrong with the picture.  Yet so many people fail to empathize with others or realize how this is wrong when things like these happen.

Same analogy applies for Trump calling Mexicans rapists and his statement that it’s best to keep all Muslims out of this country.  To top it off, it’s not even the worst thing about him.  I haven’t even talked about his evasion of military service, evasion of taxes, his business strategy that requires him to have a lot of money to begin with, his view on nuclear weapons, and how much he doesn’t know about Crimea because Google Search should do the trick for you.

But Hillary…

Is terrible in her own ways.  But notice there’s no way to defend Donald Trump’s actions without talking about Hillary.  Nobody should be following your fictional rule that we’re only allowed to dislike the actions of one candidate at a time.

But Bill Clinton did…

A lot of terrible things towards women as well.  He’s also not the person who is running for president.

So what about all those women who bought 50 Shades of Grey, they’re clearly into S&M so they’re not complaining.

I never read the book, but I’m not cool with it.  Also I’d assume that actual S&M entails this thing called consent, which clearly isn’t in Donald Trump’s vocabulary.  Also, what do you have to say to all the women who are complaining but never read the book because this wasn’t their thing?

But you know, they’re both despicable…

The idea that both candidates are terrible in their own ways does not excuse either of them for what they do.  You don’t have to like either of them but there’s no way to pretend they’re equally despicable.  By now we’ve learned that it’s a terrible idea to leave any female around Trump unattended.  This shouldn’t just make you question if you should have him lead the country, you should be wondering if it’s even a good idea to let him live in the same neighborhood as you without an EMR bracelet attached to him.



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