In an Instant

Written by Ameer Grice. See his other work here.

Black lives matter, yes.

All life matters, yes. To us.

However the planet and universe we live in doesn’t agree.

When rain, hail and earthquake, fire and natural disaster occur this theory is mute. Our industrial and material accumulation does not matter in the face of, for the lack of a better way to put it, Mother Nature’s movements. I don’t want to call it fury, we say she’s furious. She could very well be happy with change. We read it as fury because she takes away what we work for, who we love.

Once out of the womb we must protect our fragile existence with a fury. Thank you mom, dad, grandma and grandpa! Some of us don’t have the protection of the former or later stated. With all of our intellectual and material achievements we are naught in the face of the universe. Faith in the force of the unknown leads us to cross ourselves every time we step out of the home, or on to some field of play. Pray Five times a day. What does it really mean? Giving thanks for every moment we have to experience the majesty of what is greater than us? We came from nothing and will return to that nothing – isn’t that something?

Political agendas and business forge a future for us materially. If we play our cards right we can get the things that signify success. But in the face of the universe it matters not. I love what you love – a good party, getting torn up from the floor up, laughing, hugging and making love. Making it home safely. A family vacation. Watching one’s seeds grow and achieve. Thrive against the odds, or maintain monetarily with silver spoon status. Cool. What will be your final thoughts? All things come to an end just as there was a beginning.

I’ve heard a fireman say after being persecuted for loving a woman well younger then him. When he runs into a burning building it is without prejudice. I’ve had a policeman tell me he played the game but caught himself just before he became a “scumbag”. The lives of many hues are lost when it’s war time. We still sign up. Folk who are light years away from each other in belief wind up calling each other brothers and sisters when battlefield experience becomes a part of their existence. It’s too bad that it takes such extremes to realize that in the face of the universe, it doesn’t matter. One love, one aim, one destiny.

It may be unrealistic to think that we all can share and love as one. All of us on the same page.

Conflict is also a part of the universal equation. An example might be equated to the forces of yin and yang – opposing forces that work harmoniously to bring us something like night and day. With all the division that exists in our society, in an instant the lines could vanish. Be it natural disaster or our use of nature (destructive weapons which are forged from nature).

In an instant we will all be one. A song comes to mind, “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Yup, I’m a dreamer.