How to Get a Beach Body in One Minute

It’s bikini season. It’s a high-pressure season to frolic in wild abandon at the beach while looking good.

Says who?

Billboards, magazine ads, and store fronts – from the folks trying to make you unhappy with yourself so you can buy more stupid products to feel better.

But you are better than that. Your value, skills, and other immeasurable virtues are much more than the number on your bathroom scale or the size of your jeans.

Your body is the “vehicle to your dreams” deserving of care, love, and respect.

Define your own body standard. Define your own image and how you see yourself.

So here’s how you can achieve a beach bod just for you:


1. Challenge negative thoughts about your body.

“If I don’t look perfect, no one will ever love me.”

“If I’m skinny, I will be successful in life.”

“If people see my body, they will be grossed out.”

Are these thoughts based on reality, or are they manifestations of deeper core beliefs? Do these thoughts serve you? No, they don’t. They don’t spur us to improve ourselves; they drag us down.


2. Think about the qualities that make you unique and great.

Most of the time, we overestimate the likelihood of someone reacting negatively to our appearance. Think about how you see your friends – do you assess them based on how they look? No, you think about how awesome, smart, funny, and kind they are. It’s highly likely that they think the same of you. They cherish you for who you are – all of you – and you should too.


3. Treat your body right – not too look good, but to feel good.

Treat yourself to healthy and wholesome meals. Engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself. The results are a bonus; feeling great is the most important part.


4. Accept that your body is already a beach body.

Embrace it, love it, and flaunt it. Go out there and have fun, because you deserve it.